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Register for Morning Scholastic and/or Evening Blitz

Our Big Summer Event with Two Chess Tournaments is June 17. The tournaments are open to members of the US Chess Federation. The BBQ is by invitation only. If you are a regular member of our club and did not get an invite, let us know. We don't have contact info for everyone.

PLEASE BRING folding chairs for sitting between rounds. There will be no extra sitting in the park. We may use all tables in the pavilion for players.


Morning Scholastic

  • Only for students not yet graduated from 12th grade.
  • Sections Determined by Participation
  • 1st Round: 10:00am; All Others ASAP
  • Four Rounds with a time control of G/15;d15
  • Will be dual rated (regular and quick)
  • All players must pre-register here.

Evening Blitz

  • Five or Six Double Rounds of Blitz
  • One Section
  • 1st Round: 5:00pm; All Others ASAP
  • Time Control: G/5;d0
  • Will be blitz rated
  • All players must pre-register here.

Entry Fee

Entry is free, as we can't collect an entry fee for events at the park, but we are accepting donations to help cover the costs of the event.


The top finishers of section or event will receive a trophy or plaque.


Map to Veterans Park.


Learn more about Veterans park.

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