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Earn Your Rating

Event for First-time Tournament Players

If you have never played a rated tournament, but would like to earn an official chess rating from the US Chess Federation, this event is for you!

Information Session | Questions & Answers | New Player Tournament

Mark your calendar: October 12, 2019

Information Session (9:00am)

Some experienced tournament players will provide an introduction to tournament chess and answer all of your questions about tournaments, boards, clocks, keeping score, rules, behaviour, ratings, Swiss-style pairings, skill-levels, and events in DFW.

New Player Tournament (about 10:00am)

New players will have the opportunity to play in a four-round tournament and earn an official chess rating from the US Chess Federation. Two games will be played, then a lunch break, then two more games. All players will play all four games. The "New Player" section is open ONLY to players who have never played a rated game of chess and a few selected invited players.

Cost to Participate

The event is free, but to participate in the tournament, players will need to be members of the US Chess Federaion. Memberships can be purchased on site. Prices for a one-year membership are as follows:

  • $40 for ages 25 and up
  • $26 for ages 16-24
  • $22 for ages 13-15
  • $17 for ages 12 and under

Ready to Sign Up

You can just walk in and participate, but if you preregister it will help us be prepared for the number of participants.

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Questions Folks are Asking

Do I need a chess set or clock?

No, we will provide all chess sets and some clocks. If you already have a chess clock please bring one, but you do not need to purchase one for this event.

Is this for adults or kids?

This is an 'adult' tournament, but there are no age limits. Most 'adult' chess tournaments have a large number of players under 18. So, children are allowed, but they will be playing with adults and be treated like adults.

Do I need to keep notations?

Keeping score is required by rule unless the player is new and does not know how. So, new players that do not know how will not be required to keep notations. NOTE: We will tell you how to keep score at the information session. If you want to learn more about keeping score, see Keeping Score.

How longs will games last?

The time control is G/30;d5. This means each player gets thirty minutes to make all of their moves and there is a five-second delay on the clock before each move. More details in the information session.

If I only have a FIDE rating, can I play?

No, but please join one of the other sections at the Arlington National Chess Day Open.