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We have reached capacity and have closed registration. We currently have 21 registered players. If your rating is over 2000, you may register by emailing

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Early registration requires payment. Registrations are limited to the first 20 participants. All registrants will be paired for the first round.

No Onsite Registration

Please register online. We will not be processing onsite registrations at this event.

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Details for this Event

Two Sections

Open - Four Rounds Swiss G/45;d5 (Open to all players.)
Round Times: 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM, 1:10 PM, 2:50 PM.

Reserve - Four Rounds Swiss G/45;d5 (Published ratings under 1500 and unrated)
Round Times: 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM, 1:10 PM, 2:50 PM.




  • Byes - If requested before the start of the first round, one 1/2 point bye may be taken in any but the last round. Other byes are zero points.
  • Equipment - We provide sets and clocks for this event only; normally we will not guarantee clocks.
  • Membership - Current US Chess Federation membership required and may be purchased on site.
  • Cash Prizes - Prize fund will be 90% of what is left after expenses are deducted from entry fees.
  • Late Arrival - Players who pay early will be paired during the first round whether or not they have arrived. Unregistered players arriving after 8:50 AM may be given a 1/2 point bye, be given a zero point bye, or paired outside of standard pairing rules at the discretion of the tournament director.

Masks Will Be Required

Players will be required to wear masks while in the building. Everyone in the YET will be required to wear masks. As some players will expect this, failure to wear your mask properly will be treated as 'annoying behavior' as described in US Chess rules.

Special Rules Notifications for this Tournament

No spectating. Only players and TD are allowed in the playing room. Spectators are not allowed. Please maintain six feet from players at other boards.

11H1. Director as witness only. In an event in which most games are not watched by directors, a director may refrain from correcting all illegal moves he or she may notice but simply serve as a witness should one of the players point out the illegal move before ten more moves have been made.

15A. Paper scoresheet variation. The player using a paper scoresheet may first make the move, and then write it on the scoresheet, or vice versa.