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Arlington Chess Club Open

We organize a monthly tournament sanctioned by the United States Chess Federation. The event has a novice section for beginners, an open section that often has masters and experts, and a reserve section for everyone in between. The event is attended by adults and kids. Membership in the US Chess Federation is required. Contact us for information or see our tournaments page.

Tournament Details

Three sections: Open (ratings and unrated players), Reserve (only players with a published rating under 1500 and unrated), and Novice (only players with a published rating under 900 and unrated). Open and Reserve sections play four rounds at G/45;d5. Novice section plays five rounds at G/30;d5. Entry fee is $30. There are cash prizes.

Next Tournament: Arlington Chess Club Open #76

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Players at the Arlington Chess Club Open

First Time Players

This is a great place to play your first rated chess tournament. Our Novice section usually has a few beginners. You will play all rounds, and at the end of the day you will have earned an official chess rating from the US Chess Federation. We provide the sets and several clocks (so, if you don't own a chess clock, we'll provide one for your game.) If you have questions about playing in your first rated tournament, please contact us. We will be glad to help.