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Players at our weekly chess club meeting.

Casual Chess for Adults
Mondays at 7:00pm at J. Gilligan's

Any playing level is welcome at our casual weekly meetings. We require no formal membership process. Just walk in and play. We usually have several boards and pieces. Beginners and more-experienced tournament players attend every week. The Monday meetings are planned for adults, but some experienced, young players do participate.
Chess at J. Gilligan's

Families and Kids play chess in the library

Families and Kids Chess
Tuesdays at 6:30pm at George W. Hawkes Library

Bring the whole family! We staff the Arlington Public Library Chess program at the George W. Hawkes Library (downtown Arlington). The club is aimed at kids, families, and adults. We help absolute beginners and more experienced kids and adults. We have a yearly tournament for our young players.
Chess at the George W. Hawkes Library

Arlington Chess Club Open

Arlington Chess Club Open
Monthly at the Salvation Army YET Center

Our monthly chess tournament for all skill levels is rated by the US Chess Federation. The events have three sections and cash prizes. If you are an expert, you will play four games; if you are a beginner, you will play five. Games are rated by the US Chess Federation. Join the growing list of chess players who have played in our rated tournaments.
Arlington Chess Club Open

Kid Chess Club

Kids Chess Club at Lake Arlington Branch Library
Meets on Mondays 5:00pm - 6:30pm

The Kids Chess Club at the Lake Arlington Branch Library meets Mondays from 5:00pm to 6:30pm (starting Sep. 12 and ending December 5). The annual Library Chess Tournament will be held on December 10 th at the Lake Arlington Branch. Details will be provided as a link on our Tournament page.

Kid Chess Club

Chess Clubs in Mansfield
at the Mansfield Public Library

The Mansfield Library Chess Club meets Thursday at 6:00pm at the Mansfield Public Library.

Speedy Quads players

Speedy Quads
Monthly at a Monday Meeting

Our monthly blitz tournament is held at our regular meetings on the fourth Monday of the month. We have both US Chess rated sections and non-rated sections, so anyone can play. Ask us for the details.

FREE Entry, No prizes.
Speedy Quads

Arlington Chess Club Logo
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Arlington March Scholastic   Tournament Registration

Arlington Chess Club provides opportunities for youth and adults to play and learn about chess. We host weekly gatherings aimed at adults and multiple meetings aimed at families and kids. Some things that happen regularly at our meetings include:

  • Casual Games
  • Bughouse
  • Blitz
  • Help for Beginners/Novices
  • Information About Tournaments

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No Membership Fee

Please support J. Gilligans and tip at least 20%. Otherwise, attendance and participation at our meetings is free. We consider you a member just for showing up. The monthly Arlington Chess Club Open does require an entrance fee and US Chess Federation membership. Our Speedy Quads tournaments are free.

Chess Tournaments

We organize about four tournaments each month. Adults and youth play in the Arlington Chess Club Open and our Speedy Quads tournaments. We also help with many scholastic tournaments in the area.

If you are interested in learning more about chess tournaments, chess ratings, or scholastic chess, drop by or contact us.

See the Tournament Schedule


US Chess Federation
Texas Chess Association

We do not sell quipment, but encourage you to visit Wholesale Chess. We recommend their Quiver Chess Set Combination and the Basic Digital Game Timer with Bonus & Delay.

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