Come Play Chess

Anyone of any age or playing level is welcome at our casual weekly meetings. We require no formal membership process to just walk in and play. We usually have several boards and pieces. Beginners and more experienced tournament players attend every week.

We meet every Thursday from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Some things that happen regularly at our meetings include:

  • Casual Games
  • Bughouse
  • Help for Beginners/Novices
  • Boy Scout Chess Merit Badge
  • Information About Tournaments
Players at a Chess Club Meeting.

No Membership Fee to Participate

Attendance and participation at our meetings is free. We consider you a member if you just show up for a meeting or tournament. Our tournaments do require an entry fee.

Arlington Chess Club Open

We organize a monthly tournament sanctioned by the United States Chess Federation. The event has a novice section for beginners, an open section that often has masters and experts, and a reserve section for everyone in between. The event is attended by adults and kids. Membership in the US Chess Federation is required. Contact us for information or see our tournaments page.

Players at an Arlington Chess Club Open

Tournaments and Events for Kids

Our members help with some schools, libraries, and neighborhoods host chess events. Some just are just for fund; some are in-school tournaments, some are serious US Chess Federation sanctioned rated events. Contact us for more information or see our tournaments page.

Learn to Play Chess

Just show up at a meeting ad say, "I'd like to learn to play." Someone will be happy to teach you the game.

Players at an Arlington Chess Club Events