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Arlington Chess Club Open #77

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Our signature tournament since 2015, the Arlington Chess Club Open features great players from Arlington and all of north Texas.

Players in the Arlington Chess Club Open


  • Open - Open to all US Chess members.
  • Reserve (U1400) - Open to all US Chess members with ratings under 1400 or unrated players.
  • Novice (U900) - Open to all US Chess members with ratings under 900 or unrated players.

All sections are at a time control of G/40;d5. Round Times are 9:00 am, 10:40 am, 1:00 pm, and 2:40 pm. Tournament will be initially limited to 50 players. If more than 50 players register, we may rent more space for additional capacity.

Entry Fee

Early Registration is $30; Day-of registration is $40. Early registration ends at 11:00pm the day before the event.


  • Open and Reserve - Cash Prizes. The prize fund will be equal to 90% of what is left after all tournament expenses are deducted from all tournament entry fees. Expenses include facility rental, liability insurance, supplies, US Chess ratings fees, and tournament director stipends.
  • Novice Section - Top two finishers will receive small plaques or trophies.

Register for Arlington Chess Club Open #77

Parents/Guardians of Minors

We welcome children to play in our tournament, but please be aware of the following:

  • Your child will play against adults, will be treated like an adult, and will be expected to interact like an adult.
  • Your child will not be supervised by us.
  • If a child is under 16 years old, a parent/guardian must remain in the building unless an exception is given by the tournament organizer.

Rule Variations in Effect at the ACC Open

  • 11H1. Director as witness only. In an event in which most games are not watched by directors, a director may refrain from correcting all illegal moves he or she may notice but simply serve as a witness should one of the players point out the illegal move before ten more moves have been made.
  • 15A. Paper scoresheet variation. The player using a paper scoresheet may first make the move, and then write it on the scoresheet, or vice versa.

Register for Arlington Chess Club Open #77

Tournament Location

Arlington Chess Club Open #77 will be held at East Library and Recreation Center at 1817 New York Ave. Dr. Arlington, TX 76010.

East Library and Recreation Center

US Chess Affiliate

Arlington Chess Club is an Affiliate of the US Chess Federation.

Our Rated Events are Rated by the US Chess Federation

Early Registrations

Name USCF Rating Section Byes
Curtis Fukuchi 12627935 1815 Open
Daniel Clarke 16622464 1778 Open
Maurya Chandra 16566891 1714 Open
Doug stephens 16420786 1663 Open
John Kendrick 12740110 1500 Open
Robert Curtis 12482180 1446 Open
Thomas Crane 12836462 1400 Open
Johnny Paul 12730546 1300 Open
Courtland Morgan 30980178 1273 Open
Lian Zhu 30692236 1256 Open No
Jeff French 12547288 1214 Open
Eric Molina 31417618 475 Open
Jarred King 31433289 0 Open
Jeff Mcdowell 0 0 Open
Hiram Bodon 13486557 1306 Reserve (U1400)
Vivian Hunt 16818897 1291 Reserve (U1400)
Jayden Wang 30684131 1237 Reserve (U1400)
Robert Gillespie 30283147 896 Reserve (U1400)
Landra Pulliam 30821944 821 Reserve (U1400)
Jared Smith 30443218 692 Reserve (U1400)
Dmitry Rudkevich Jr 16086538 544 Reserve (U1400) Yes
Sheryl Mc Broom 16796085 179 Reserve (U1400)
Jesse Comolli 0 0 Reserve (U1400)
Anthony Jackson 31461364 0 Reserve (U1400)

24 total registered.

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