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chess pieces in snow

Arlington Winter Blitz

Saturday, December 02, 2023


G/3;+2; Blitz Rated
Five double rounds (10 games) - each round, play opponent as white and as black
First Round begins at 1:00pm; other rounds ASAP
Sections determined by participation.
Prize Fund: 50% of entries.

Please register early. We are limited to 50 entries.


  • Winter Blitz $20 entry - Sections determined by participation. (One 1/2 Point Bye allowed in rounds: 1,2)

Register for Arlington Winter Blitz

Tournament Location

Arlington Winter Blitz will be held at East Library and Recreation Center at 1817 New York Ave. Dr. Arlington, TX 76010.

East Library and Recreation Center

US Chess Affiliate

Arlington Chess Club is an Affiliate of the US Chess Federation.

Our Rated Events are Rated by the US Chess Federation

Early Registrations

Name USCF Rating Section Byes
NM Brian Tineo 16390681 2181 Winter Blitz No
NM Richard Perry 10373689 2000 Winter Blitz
Christian Karlseng 16446293 1963 Winter Blitz
Roman Nicolas Navarro 30197459 1899 Winter Blitz
Neil Lad 16299917 1865 Winter Blitz
Curtis Fukuchi 12627935 1800 Winter Blitz
Daniel Clarke 16622464 1748 Winter Blitz
Doug Stephens 16420786 1705 Winter Blitz
David Lamas 16434126 1607 Winter Blitz 0
John Kendrick 12740110 1528 Winter Blitz
Courtland Morgan 30980178 1514 Winter Blitz
Jayden Wang 30684131 1461 Winter Blitz
Stephen Hensley 16770034 1371 Winter Blitz 0
Joshua Borders 30325120 1320 Winter Blitz
Hiram Bodon 13486557 1276 Winter Blitz
Oliver Wang 17140002 1261 Winter Blitz
Tommy Nguyen 31417621 1164 Winter Blitz
Lance Berry 30975977 1102 Winter Blitz
Aaron Jones 30398707 1068 Winter Blitz
Cam'ron Abbott 30438507 890 Winter Blitz
Edwin Portillo 31427017 853 Winter Blitz
Sarah Perego 30139824 839 Winter Blitz
Jose de Jesus Navarro 30717787 787 Winter Blitz
Brandon Alexis Flores 17296820 627 Winter Blitz
Justin Lopez 31580922 0 Winter Blitz 0

25 total registered.

We do not sell equipment, but encourage you to visit Wholesale Chess. We recommend their Quiver Chess Set Combination and the Basic Digital Game Timer.

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