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April Chess Tournament

Novices and experienced club players will enjoy this tournament at the Mansfield Public Library. Players can choose whether to play in the section rated by the US Chess Federation or not.

Not Rated Group

There is no entry fee for this section, and no membership is required. The section is open to any skill level and any age. Register for this section at the library on the day of the tournament. NO Pre-Registration. Trophies will be given as prizes in this section.

Rated Group

This section (or sections) will be rated by the US Chess Federation. Early entry fee is $20 (onsite entry is $30). Prize fund will be 50% of entries. Four rounds, Swiss style | G/30;d5 | Sections determined by participation at the discretion of the director. Current membership in the US Chess Federation is required.


The Not Rated Group should register at the event.

The Rated group should pre-register to receive the $20 entry fee. Onsite registration for the Rated group is $30.

Register for the Rated Sections