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Speedy Quads

Players play six 5-minute games at these tournaments held monthly at our regular meetings. Time Control is G/5;d0; and we play double-round, quads.

Speedy - because the time control is G/5;d0 (each player gets 5 minutes to make all their moves.)

Quads - because we divide the players in groups of four based on ratings or skill level.

Players play two games against each of the two other players in their quad.

We hold a Speedy Quads tournament every fourth Monday each month. Speedy Quads has a FREE entry (but we do accept donations to cover the rating fees). There are no prizes. The games are blitz-rated and do not affect regular or quick ratings. If we have at least four non-US Chess members, they can also play in an unrated section.

Time Control is G/5;d0; and we play double-round quads.

Register on site only - please arrive before 7:30pm. US Chess members will play rated quads. Non-members will play in an unrated small Swiss blitz tournament.