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Arlington Adult Quads

Three Rounds; G/60;d5. Only players who are at least 18 years old are allowed to play. Event is held periodically. See our schedule.

Next Adult Quads: July 1, 2023

Quads Style

  • Players will be put into groups of 4 by rating. Each player has one game against each of the other three in the group.
  • If the total number of players is not a multiple four, the lowest-rated 5-7 players will have a three-round swiss.
  • 1st Round: 10:00am; 2nd Round: 1:00pm; 3rd Round 3:15pm
  • Time control is G/60;d5.
  • Each group can start their rounds earlier than scheduled.
  • Director may assign ratings to unrated players.

Entry Fee

Early Registration is $30; Day-of registration is $35.


The winner of each quad or small Swiss will win $60.


For parking info, see

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