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Arlington Adult Quads #6

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Three Rounds; G/60;d5. Only players who are at least 18 years old are allowed to play. The event is held periodically. See our schedule.

Chess Players at Adult Quads
Chess Players at Adult Quads

Quads Style

  • Players will be put into groups of 4 by rating. Each player has one game against each of the other three in the group.
  • If the total number of players is not a multiple of four, the lowest-rated 5-7 players will have a three-round Swiss.
  • 1st Round: 10:00am; 2nd Round: 1:00pm; 3rd Round 3:15pm
  • Time control is G/60;d5.
  • Each group may start their rounds earlier than scheduled.
  • For assigning quads, director may assign ratings to unrated players.

Entry Fee

Early Registration is $30; Day-of registration is $35.


The winner of each quad or small Swiss will win $60.


For parking info, see

Register for Arlington Adult Quads #6

Tournament Location

The Arlington Chess Club Open tournament is held at the Salvation Army Youth Education Town and Family Center at 712 W. Abram Street.

North Texas Youth Education Town at the Salvation Army in Arlington, Texas
YET Entrance at the Salvation Army in Arlington on the west side of the building in downtown Arlington.

US Chess Affiliate

Arlington Chess Club is an Affiliate of the US Chess Federation.

Our Rated Events are Rated by the US Chess Federation

Early Registrations

Name USCF Rating Section Byes
Douglas Laskowske 30228062 2044 Quads
Zachary Haskin 12827624 1913 Quads
Curtis Fukuchi 12627935 1800 Quads
Jim Hollingsworth 10798922 1800 Quads
Carter Hall 16740275 1769 Quads
Daniel Clarke 16622464 1758 Quads
Doug Stephens 16420786 1705 Quads
Charles Cole 10398452 1704 Quads
Bob Haskell 12606038 1687 Quads
Stephen Morales 12483386 1600 Quads
Zachary Wilson 30029297 1542 Quads
John Kendrick 12740110 1528 Quads
Tom Crane 12836462 1411 Quads
Scott Langlinais 30540996 1304 Quads
Johnny Paul 12730546 1300 Quads
Jay Arendt 12878837 1249 Quads
Chris Wood 14876113 1060 Quads

17 total registered.

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